Me Plus More is an online platform specifically designed to inspire and empower people with intellectual disability or cognitive impairment to take those much-needed steps towards reaching their goals and independence.

The Me Plus More program has been designed in easy read, with you in mind. Our platform gives you the tools you need to learn important skills for thriving on your own through tailored resources and activities. 

It’s flexible and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which means you are in control of your learning. You can join on your own or with the support of a friend, family member or support person. The most important thing is, you’re in charge! Me Plus More is all about helping you get more out of the world around you through our easy read resources.

We’re currently working on a brand new stream of learning, specifically suited to women in the workplace. If you are an Australian woman with an intellectual disability and you want to get ahead in your career, this course is for you. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out about the launch of this new course.

A community for people with intellectual Disabilities or Cognitive Impairement

Our Community

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When you join Me Plus More you are not just joining the website, you are joining a community of people who are on the same journey as you. Being on this path to your independence is so much easier if you have support.

We share tips, resources and information across our social media to help you learn and grow. We also regularly create easy read resources that we send out in our newsletter. We’d love for you to become part of our community.

Join by clicking on the links below.

What others say about us…

I like Me Plus More as it has allowed me to learn a lot more about social media. It was a bit hard for me to understand at first but the more I completed the videos and my workbook the better I understood. I would like to learn more about TikTok and YouTube and how you can get more views.

Shai de Vletter-Sont

  I have worked with Tara in the past and she’s an amazing trainer. The explanations in the videos and workbooks makes it easy for someone at my level to understand. During the second Covid lockdown my wife joined in on some sessions and she absolutely loved it too.

Greg Seligman

My Son Greg has been working in supported employment for 7 years. This year they have started using Me Plus More for workplace training, and it is wonderful. Greg now has the opportunity to learn lots of skills online, and the content is made for his level of understanding. Me Plus More is such a great tool for my Son and also for his support workers.

Paula Seligman

Me Plus More is really good because you can do it at your own pace and when you feel like it. I find it easy to use and I can login by myself. I like the topic about Choosing your Supports, I find it very helpful.

Michael Karseboom