Me Plus More, Independence for all
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Why are we here?

Easy Read Resources

Me Plus More is one of the only platforms in Australia that delivers course content through easy read resources. These have been designed specifically for people with intellectual disability to use with their support workers.

Choice and Control

Me Plus More gives you the choice and control over your learning. There are various formats in which you can choose to use giving you the choice on how you would like to learn and participate.


Online Learning

Me Plus More allows you to learn a variety of skills on an online platform. Previously, there were limited options for online learning that focus on your independence. Me Plus More is here to change that.


Direction for your Supports

Me Plus More will give you the tools to ensure that you have meaningful easy read resources and activities to do with your weekly supports. These activities focus on both short and long-term goals for people with intellectual disability. Sometimes it is hard to organise these activities each week or there is just no one to organise them.

Meaningful Weekly Activities

Knowing that you have meaningful activities to complete each week is just so important. You will get a sense of achievement knowing that you are actively working towards your goals and overall independence.