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Empowering people with intellectual disability

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Practical professional development for those with intellectual disability

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  • Build your job skills
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Dramatically improve your chances of getting hired

With the right resources, support and guidance, you can empower yourself to:

  • Learn important skills
  • Find (and keep) a job
  • Live independently
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Learn at your own pace

  • A new topic of learning each month with weekly videos and tasks to help you learn and reflect. Learn at your pace to suit your own schedule.

Resource Library

  • Step-by-step workbook, info guides and cheat sheets with every resource in easy-read English.

Flexible payment options

  • Self-fund your membership or get help from your NDIS package

Supportive community

  • The online community is a 24-hour platform for sharing your progress, Q&A forum, support + connection.

Ready to unlock your job readiness?

Having skills is the key

Supercharge your employability

Jump-start your job prospects and find the right fit for you.

In our unique, tailor-made program, you’ll discover your goals and strengths – and learn how to share them with employers. Making positive connections in your community – linking with local agencies and services, or finding volunteer or part time positons nearby – you’ll get support to build your skills, your confidence and your workplace network.

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Online learning that works for you

Accessing Australia’s 1st learning platform designed for people with intellectual disability or cognitive impairment. Learning online lets you work at your own pace, in line with your schedule, in the comfort of your own home. You’ll boost your technical skills and team up with other like-minded people in the online community.Your achievements are recognised along the way, helping you stay motivated, energised and ready to learn.

Be the boss of your career journey

Get the tools and resources to take charge of your own career path. Experience the satisfaction of seeing your learning make sense in everyday life as you work towards your dream job. As you grow and change, so can your likes and dislikes. A job you enjoy today might not be as fun next year. That’s why it’s important to always think about your life, career and future.

After all, you’re in charge!

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Get job ready

From knowing your rights at work, to dressing for success, the program covers practical topics that will put you on the path to career success.You’ll learn how to write a winning resume, interview like a pro and get your dream job.

You’ll become a better communicator – both online and face-to-face. And you’ll have the tools to manage tricky workplace situations. All the skills you need to nail life in the working world.


A new way for People to learn…

Me Plus More’s Work It program is practical professional development for poeple with intellectual disability.

The first of its kind, this program will teach you skills in:

  • Workforce participation
  • Building financial security
  • Job readiness
  • Safety at work.


Me plus More is an amazing service that designed for people with disabilities to use with their support workers. It provides meaningful activities for each week and its very easy to follow. We introduced Me Plus More at our supported employment program and all participants really enjoyed the lessons”

Elena Tsetlin, Print 35

(Service Manager)

Your Work It Curriculum

12 topics to help you land your dream job

Over 12 topics you will learn how to become ready for employment. Me Plus More’s award-winning M+M Framework for learning will prepare you for the journey towards securing and enjoying your time in the workplace — whether you already have a job or just starting out from scratch.

Each session mixes fun learning with easy to read workbooks and resources; all developed to give you a clear path to success in your new or existing workplace.

Just click on the topic below to see more…

Topic 1

Knowing Me

  • What is a job?
  • Getting to know yourself
  • Support in the workplace
  • Overcoming workplace barriers


  • Knowing Me workbook
Topic 2

The working Community

  • Communities
  • My role in my community
  • My role at work
  • Volunteering


  • The Working Community workbook
Topic 3

Your Rights

  • What are Human Rights?
  • What are Your Rights?
  • The Anti-Discrimination Acts
  • Your Rights at Work


  • Rights workbook
  • Role Play videos and scripts

Staying safe at Work

  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Drills


  • Staying safe at Work workbook


  • What is consent
  • What are boundaries
  • Consent in different types of relationships
  • Talking about dating and sex at work


  • Consent workbook
  • Role-play videos and scripts

Harassment in the Workplace

  • What is sexual harassment
  • What is assault
  • What to do if you are harassed or assaulted


  • Harassment in the Workplace workbook
  • Role-play videos and scripts
Topic 7

Getting that job

  • Resumé
  • Cover letters
  • Interview skills


  • Interview skills
  • Role-play videos and scripts
Topic 8

Digital Daily Communication

  • Technology at work
  • Social media at work
  • Emailing at work
  • Etiquette in meetings (online and in person)


  • Digital Device Communication workbook
Topic 9

Looking like a Professional

  • Work conduct
  • What to wear to work
  • Good hygiene practices
  • Laundry tips


  • Looking like a Pro workbook
topic 10

Work/Life balance

  • Routines
  • Food and Wellness
  • Work Life Balance


  • Work/Life balance workbook
topic 11

Workplace Performance

  • The workplace
  • Time management skills
  • Appraisals
  • Performance management


  • Workplace performance workbook
topic 12

In it for the long haul

  • Committing to continuous improvement
  • Setting career SMART goals
  • Professional development
  • Realistic expectations
  • Career paths


  • In it for the long haul workbook
  • SMART goal planner

My Son Greg has been working in supported employment for 7 years. This year they have started using Me Plus More for workplace training, and it is wonderful. Greg now has the opportunity to learn lots of skills online, and the content is made for his level of understanding. Me Plus More is such a great tool for my Son and also for his support workers.

Paula Seligman

The M+M Framework has been created for you to take charge of your career  

There are skills you can learn that will help get you hired. Experience the satisfaction of applying your learning in everyday work life. You put in the work, and you get the results.

Become the most appealing candidate in the interview room.

5 simple steps to scale your skills

Step 1: Believe

    • You can do this!

Believing in yourself can help you reach your goals, grow new skills and become the person you want to be.

Step 2: Centre

    • Focus on your goals.

With time, effort, and the right attitude, you can find everything you need to achieve your dreams.

Step 3: Stretch

    • Get ready to grow.

Growth may not be easy – but it’s always worth it. Put the effort in and impress yourself as you learn, improve, and evolve.

Step 4: Apply

    • Live your lessons.

Take your ideas and put them into action. With courage and care, apply your new tools to everyday life.

Step 5: Achieve

    • Live your life, your way.

See your hard work come to life, and your dreams become reality. Start a new chapter in the life you always wanted.

Now, we want to help you master and integrate this framework into your everyday life.

All you need to do is commit to learning and implementing the material you will find in our “learn at your own pace” topics.

Sign up for success with Me Plus More

  • Your coach 15+ years in the sector made Tara aware of the lack of online professional development for people with intellectual disability. She founded Me Plus More to address this gap.
  • Weekly lessons Each lesson comes with videos, workbooks and practical tasks to help you learn and reflect as you build your job skills.
  • How-to videos No one likes to read every lesson on a screen. Make learning stick by watching engaging videos outlining the lessons in detail.
  • Resources Every resource is written in Easy-read English. Get workbooks, info guides and helpful cheat sheets.
  • Guest experts To help you stay engaged, we keep it fresh with guest presenters. Hear from experts who bring their skills and experience to the table.
  • Weekly worksheets New worksheets weekly with checklists, Q&A’s and quizzes. These keep it fun and engaging and help you remember and apply what you’ve learnt.
  • Self-paced learning Work to your schedule at your own pace. Complete lessons weekly or take your time to absorb what you’ve learnt. You are in control.
  • Gamified learning Have fun while you learn. Our lessons have gamified aspects that keep learning fresh and fun. Enjoy some healthy competition and engage with your learning community.
  • Peer support  We succeed when we support each other. Access an online community where we support each other and celebrate our achievements.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Tara

The founder of Me Plus More, mum of 3 young boys and 2 fish. Plus, I have enough plants to fill a small forest! I also have a bachelor’s degree in applied science and a master’s degree in international public health.

I have worked in a range of disability services in various roles over the past 15 years. As the years went by, I noticed there is a lack of easily accessible online services for people wishing to learn independent living skills. There was also an unfortunate lack of tools and training provided to staff in paid support roles. These gaps were my inspiration for creating Me Plus More.

Me Plus More is built on the foundation that everyone has the right to work towards their independence and have access to the appropriate tools to do so.

  I have worked with Tara in the past and she’s an amazing trainer. The explanations in the videos and workbooks makes it easy for someone at my level to understand. During the second Covid lockdown my wife joined in on some sessions and she absolutely loved it too.

Greg Seligman

Is Me Plus More for me?

No matter where you are in your career we can help you become the boss of your job journey.

All job seekers

Whether you’re looking for your first job or working towards a career change, you’ll get great job skills.

Flexible payment options

Self fund your membership or get help from your NDIS package.

Learn your way

Learn independently or with support.

Self paced

24 hour access to the learning platform where you can learn at your own pace to suit your own schedule giving you total control.

Get ready to work it

The only online learning resource designed specifically for those with intellectual disability or cognitive impairment.


  • Access to the Work It Stream of Learning.
  • A complete and integrated course of 48 highly engaging training videos, drip fed over 12 months.
  • Follow Me Plus More’s unique Framework for Learning.
  • Resource library of easy to read workbooks and other resources to accompany each monthly topic.
  • Special topics written and produced by guest coaches, experts in their field all proudly supporting Me Plus More and the M+M Framework for Learning.

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